Dork About Math

We show how pages brought together in a browser can interact to do original calculations and visualizations.

# Markup

The Method plugin has a markup that includes the ability to do simple calculations. Each line defines, recalls or computes a value.

A line beginning with a number defines a term.

36 Dorkbot Regulars

A line with just a term recalls the number.

Dorkbot First-Time Attendees

A line beginning with an operation computes a value.

SUM Dorkbot Meeting Attendance

Operations take as input numbers defined or recalled since the previous operation.

Terms defined in one method can be used by subsequent methods including those on following pages.

# Iteration

We already know enough behavior to do an iterative calculation by stacking up Methods on a series of pages. We'll start by using the same page over and over.

We'll write a Method with some initial conditions and then repeatedly open new pages with the Method for the next increment, Dorkbot Regulars Next Month.

36 Dorkbot Regulars 2 New Regulars Each Month

Try forking these pages to your own wiki and then modifying the Methods to compute a percentage growth in Dorkbot Regulars each month. Use PRODUCT to apply the percentage in each iteration.

Remember you can use cmd/alt-i to read about a plugin.

# Units

The names of numbers can include units written in parentheses, one parenthesis for quantities, two for conversion factors.

We will now attempt to compute our collective experience as dorks by declaring how long each of us have been dorking expressed in months or years and written as a Method plugin on each my-name page.

We begin with with zero experience and include a conversion factor that will let us quote additional experience in months or years.

0 Collective Dork Experience (years) 12 (months) in one (years)

Now fork this page add a link to your person page here. We'll then add links there to get the calculation going.

Drag this Method to your person page and edit your experience as appropriate.

Collective Dork Experience (years) 3 My (months) Dorking SUM Collective Dork Experience (years)

Finally make it easy for us to iterate through everyone in the workshop by adding a Paragraph with a link to the next person to be accumulated. Find some way to make this into a loop.