Federation Indoctrination

The federation wants people to can type commands and are willing to use that power for good. We will tell you what commands to type, why you want to type them, and everything you will then do to share alike as the creative commons intended.

Dorkbot has a long history of wielding technology in the name of art. DorkbotPDX extends that tradition by advancing technology in the name of art. Remeber, if you think it is art, it is art, but to be technology it has to work.


DorkbotPDX Workshops and related events.

Federated Wiki Workshop where we make sites like this.

Federated Wiki Technology where we explain our secrets.

Federated Wiki References where other docs live.


If you're a geek, own a laptop, can install npm, and can write interesting sentences without actually completing them then get signed up today. We will be awesome together.