Wildcard Dork

We've tried lots of thing with federated wiki and have found it up to diverse activities. Try some of these activities. Try working in groups. If you get stuck we'll help you find our work and make it yours.

You can expanding your neighborhood and then searching for things of interest. Try starting with sites.fed.wiki.org which has a page for each of our many experiments.

You can watch screencasts we made while we were inventing most of the features you see today. We named them after keywords and numbered them chronologically. See Federated Wiki Videos

You can browse our glossary of terms and recognize many but perhaps not all the terms wei use. Ask us to explain the mysterious. See Names of Things

You can admire the awk program that worked out the finances after our 1981 ski trip to Jackson Hole. This was translated to a wiki plugin. See About Calculator Plugin

You can experiment with different ways to write quickly and thoughtfully in wiki. I suggest a few that have worked for me. See Incremental Paragraphs

You can expand my not yet complete list of 100 important ideas about programming that sometimes take years to learn. See One Hundred Steps

You can hook your Teensy2 running Txtzyme into your laptop's usb port and then make it blink with Txtzyme markup. Restart the server so it discovers your Teensy. See Txtzyme Blink

You can duck out early and grab some tables for us at the McMenamins Chapel Pub, 430 North Killingsworth Street. Six minutes by car. map