Federated Wiki Workshop

The workshop will guide you in installing, using and sharing in a progression of 25 minute sprints called, for obscure reasons, pomodoros.

Install Wiki which requires one command so long as you have node installed already. Please, half of you install node already and then help the other have get it installed so you can type to one command to install wiki.

Write Your Name as a link in the space provided. You wouldn't think this is hard but most people can't do it. Maybe it is the [ [ square brackets ] ] you need to type too. Others will help you.

Dork About Art that you admire, that you've done, or even hope to do before you die. You will look up amazing sites, crib a few paragraphs from each, and then tell us why we should visit them too. If you're good, others will fork these pages too.

Federate Everybody by forking other people by name into your own wiki. This is when you will begin to grok that this isn't like old fashion wiki and you will have to think it through. Others will help you.

Dork In Public on your own server which you will know is your own because you will need a credit card and five disposable bucks a month to pay the bills. Or you can use an old laptop in your basement. Or you can share, but then it wouldn't be really yours then would it?

Dork About Math at the most ridiculously simple level except that you will need to include units because we'll do math about real measurements with units.

Dork About Plugins where you make secret markups to do your own thing and only share them with, well, everybody. Its how we keep secrets in the federation.

Wildcard Dork where we do what ever comes up that needs to be done. Or we just enjoy the break. Or we will burn up some Wiki Txtzyme on our old Teensy2s. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.